Be it a sea or a river, the water’s surface conceals under its mask shifting, whimsical, changing and ephemeral reflections, the secrets of a made-up reality, which is all the more vivid as it remains unknown. The shimmering surface dissimulates reality and, as the mystery grows, makes it even more compelling. Doesn’t true wisdom sometimes reside more in escaping real life and one’s freedom to dream than diving into the depths of reality ? The mirror radiates light, mixes all the colors with the changing winds and its shifting surface to create an artistic canvas, different at each moment, constantly evolving. One must seize a fleeting moment and freeze it in the picture to keep it intact...


The innovative architectures of our cities, in constant change, are infinitely diverse structures of glass and steel which rise up and sculpt new shapes in their environment. Lines, shapes, colors harmonize, jostle, collide or multiply in accordance with the architecture and the environment. Visitors interpret the colors with their personal vision and their imagination. A subtle chemistry is given birth to by the symbiosis between the creator and the contemplative viewer, and the resulting outlooks never cease to surprise us !


Shadows, like ghosts, wander vivaciously, die-cutting the light on the sidewalks. Their imposing silhouettes shift and fade away into nothingness just as quickly as they appeared. The phantoms intertwine with the street’s surroundings, structures made of lines and shapes frozen in their massive stature. Faint and intangible, the shadows hover over the asphalt, expanding, stretching, disappearing and later reappearing as if someone were playing an impossible magic trick...the mirrors of the city craft their elusiveness!




What could be more strange and chaotic than nature’s amazing anarchy, the shape and layout of crystallized minerals within magmatic rocks, which can be found buried deep under the surface of the Earth ? The apparent disarray of nervous cells, of these incredible neurons and nerve fibers leave us bewildered. Nervous systems and their extensions seem almost unreal in their appearance... And yet, a mineral’s shape and disposition obey to specific laws, just like the nervous cells in their functional arrangement ! Who is the approving force of this orderly disorder ? Could a simple, subjective observation of these structures, stuck in time, be food for thought? The topic remains very broad !


What would day be without night, hustle and bustle without rest, awakening without sleep, peaceful interior life without paradoxical sleep and the wonderful delirium of dreams? Life is seldom a long quiet river, except for he or she who wears armor to shield himself or herself from the outside world! And even so, no one is safe from surprises ! Destiny or coincidence ? Or rather destiny and coincidence at the discretion of the winds of this marvelous Life, in the biological sense ! Respect ! A monumental obstructs the horizon but, with the changing lights as the hours go by, a kaleidoscope of lines takes over space, a game of lights and shadows which vary infinitely… Breaking down a wall that each one of us can rebuild freely to the sound of our own sensations and feelings… In the image of our lives ! For, in our imagination, these lines, at times orderly, well organized and facing the same direction, at times crossed branches, hunched over from the weight of the years gone by, exulting or exhausted…do they still not remain veritable lines of life, yours, ours, mine ?


The magnificent views presented by Ernst Haas, in his gorgeous « La création » album, first published in 1971, or the beautiful images made up of lines, shapes and artfully created colorful contrasts and captured by Franco Fontana have set the bar very high. Is it still possible for one to innovate in the field of landscape photography ? To break new ground ? It is up to each person to try ! One can always try to express their feelings and emotions when facing our planet’s beautiful and gratifying horizons.


I have always been enchanted by nature’s wonders. Nature is so mysterious. The plant world is of particular interest to me. Although seemingly frozen, plants are frantically active on the inside and their ability to adapt to infinitely diverse environments, without any true limitations, commands admiration…



Alain Durand Photographe

Alain Durand - Photographer

Photographic panels by Alain Durand ( large format photographic prints mounted under glossy Altuglass ) have official listed price in the United States.

Alain Durand’s photographs are available on request and are also directly sold by the author. Available photographs are listed in 3 numbered and signed photobooks, outstanding quality prints on very thick glossy photographic paper, bilingual text English and French .

Each photobook is available on request. A glossary at the end serves as directory.

Each photo book is also available in PDF format. I can send it, onrequest, by Wetransfer.




122 pages, 53 panoramic pictures printed on double-page, 10,8x10,8in for most of them, weight 2050g.




130 pages, 70 panoramic pictures printed on double-page, 10,8x10,8in for most of them, weight 2170g.




112 pages, 48 panoramic pictures printed on double-page, 10,8x10,8in for most of them, weight 1900g.






For any additional information, order of photo books or photos, you can contact me by Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. orby phone : +33 7 66 29 36 80

My photographs are available as prints personalized, numbered and signed edition, in very limited number, 8 to 12 exemplary of each photo, for all sizes. Each photo is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

The photographs, size 50x70cm until the 90x160cm, are recommended: they are perfect for the realization of magnificent photographic pictures in direct UV printing with 6 colours on acrylic glass laminated on Dibond, glossy or matt surface of your choice. The most delicate nuances are perfectly highlighted. All works are also available on Fine Art photo paper, matt or glossy, Canson ou Hahnemühle Prestige gallery.



Many exhibitions of my photographic pictures have been carried out or are still projects in France and in the United States as well.

From June to October 2017 “A third eye on Albi and Tarn” Toulouse-Lautrec museum and Palais de la Berbie garden, Albi, France



From June to December 2019 “ Reflexions ” SONO Fine Art Gallery Norwalk CT - United States.



July 2019 “Reflexions” Art Darwin Studio, Piermont – New York United States.



Since december 2019 « Dreamlike vibrations » SONO Fine Art Gallery1, 91 Saint-Honoré street Paris 1er.



December 2019 : Choice of two photographic pictures by the Society of Fine Arts of Paris for exposure at the Show of Fine Arts, Carrousel du Louvre – Paris 1er.




More than a dozen books of which I am the author, text and pictures, have been published by various publishers such as Publications Paul Montel Paris, Mengès Paris, Fascination (Pierre Zech publisher) Paris, Hachette-Livre Paris, Zanichelli Bologne, South Pacific Publishing Papeete...( Co-author for “ Black Pearls of Tahiti whith Dr. Jean-Paul Lintilhac). Many press articles are also to my credit, magazines Photo-Cinéma, Le Nouveau Photo-Cinéma, Challenge Lausanne, encyclopedia Larousse-Montel
Photography. Contribution to the photo illustration: Géo, Jours de France, Times Bartolomew guide... In collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, participation in exhibitions “ Black pearls of Tahiti” and “ Red Coral.



Last publication, « The Third Eye on Albi and Tarn » Toulouse-Lautrec museum - ALBI (June 2017)